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Parkinson’s Disease – Virtual Issue

Parkinson’s Disease – Virtual Issue

On March 29, 2012, the United States Senate officially declared this month, April, as Parkinson’s Awareness Month. The eleventh of April also sees World Parkinson’s Day, supported by many national Parkinson’s organizations.  The express aim of these initiatives is to increase public awareness of one of the commonest and most debilitating brain diseases. Over 0.6 [...]


Technical Spotlight – Method to isolate cell-type specific nuclei from fixed adult brain

by Lucile Marion-Poll, Enrica Montalban, Annie Munier, Denis Hervé and Jean-Antoine Girault FAST-FIN is a rapid and efficient method for the immunolabelling and purification of cell type-specific nuclei from fixed brain. It enables preservation of labile post-translational protein modifications.