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FENS funding for European Neuroscience History Projects 2015

The History Committee organises a yearly call for European History of Neuroscience Projects. This FENS initiative aims to support and stimulate the interest in the History of Neuroscience through the creation of a virtual platform dedicated to the topic. This call provides grants for outstanding projects that aim to document the history and development of […]

FENS-EJN Young Investigator Prize 2016 winners announced

The 2016 FENS EJN Young Investigator Prize is equally shared between Lars Schwabe (University of Hamburg, Germany) and Jerry Chen (University of Zurich, Switzerland). Having obtained his PhD in 2008 at the University of Trier and postdoctoral training at the Ruhr-University Bochum and McGill University, Lars Schwabe is professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University […]

FENS-EJN Award 2016 is presented to Antonello Bonci

The 2016 FENS-EJN Award is presented to Dr. Antonello Bonci for his important contributions to advancing our understanding of the synaptic mechanisms and neurocircuitry underlying reward- and drug abuse-related behaviours. An Italian scientist by origin, Dr. Bonci received his medical degree at the Sacred Heart School of Medicine in Rome in 1991. Following his residency […]

FENS training

The Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme 2015

A new initiative for providing advanced training in neuroscience has been launched by FENS and IBRO. Applications are now open! The Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme is a new initiative launched by FENS and IBRO, in collaboration with Bordeaux Neurocampus and the Champalimaud Foundation to offer international high-level courses in Europe. The programme will include […]

EJN Best Publication Award 2015

  The Best Publication is selected from research articles accepted or published in EJN over the preceding two-year period. Nominations are accepted from the readership of EJN, including from any author on behalf of the first author of an original article. This biennial award is given to the first author(s) of the selected article (a […]


YREP stipends available for training courses or exchange training stays

Young researchers from Europe and Australasia or Japan: YREP stipends available for training courses or exchange training stays The Australasian Neuroscience Society (ANS), the Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS) and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) support (under the Young Researchers Exchange Programme (YREP)) travel and/or accommodation costs associated with participation in training courses or […]