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EJN is the journal of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), published in association with Wiley-Blackwell. All the profits FENS receives from EJN, are used to sponsor FENS activities and EJN is fully accessible to Society for Neuroscience members and to members of all the societies affiliated to FENS.

EJN publishes original research articles and reviews in the broad fields of molecular, cellular, systems, behavioral, and cognitive neurosciences. EJN aims to advance our understanding of the nervous system in health and disease, thereby improving the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders…


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Introducing the new interactive website for neuroscientists

  • Read EJN articles as soon as they appear online
  • Keep up with the latest news & announcements in neuroscience
  • Watch video interviews with EJN authors
  • Read the latest Featured Articles, Technical Spotlight papers and Special Issues from EJN
  • Discuss research articles
  • Access resources relevant to your research & career
  • Comment & share news items quickly and easily via social networks*EJN News replaces the EJN Blog

We will be happy to consider any material you may wish to post on the EJN blog that could benefit the neuroscience community.


Please email us if you wish to post contents on the blog, such as video protocols, training programs, job opportunities, biographies, advice and tips on career or funding opportunities, audio/video podcast interviews…

5 Good Reasons to Publish in EJN

  • Publishing in EJN is free and color figures appear in the online edition free of charge
  • EJN reaches a very wide audience and its readership continues to grow
  • EJN is the official Journal of FENS
  • EJN is free online to all the members of FENS societies as well as all the members of the SfN
  • All the profits FENS receives from EJN sponsors FENS activities, including scientific meetings, awards and the international Schools and NENS scholarships