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Read our new virtual Issue on Attention – PDFs free to download until Jan 29 2015

How does the brain detect and select relevant stimuli from the seemingly endless array of cues in the environment? How does the brain enhance the post-perceptual processing of cues so that they can govern behavior? How do prior experiences and expectations direct brain systems to bias attention to certain cues? What is the impact of impairments in brain systems mediating these functions? How do disease processes result in a biased selection of certain cues, such as cues associated with addictive drug use or cues with negative affective valence? These are among the most basic questions in the neurosciences and thus they have continued to attract a considerable amount of research and to yield a steady stream of publications. To illustrate the diversity and richness of research on attentional processes and capacities, and also the broad range of research published by EJN, we have compiled this virtual issue on “Attention”.

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